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Eric's approach to voice teaching allows singers to sing throughout the entire vocal range, including how to sing the high notes with no more effort than it takes to speak.

Singing shouldn't be any harder than that!

Learn to:
-   Increase Vocal Power & Range

-   Improve Pitch & Voice Quality

-   Learn "Automatic" Breath Control
    (without having to think about it !)

-   Gain Vocal Endurance and Strength

-   Eliminate Vocal Breaks (no more    
    "cracking" on the high notes!)

-   Find Your Own Voice & Unique Style
This voice technique will increase your range, vocal strength and freedom, and it works for any vocal style: Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, Christian, R & B, Jazz, Opera, Ethnic, Country, Latin, and more!

"As a studio singer, I need to be able to authentically sing in many styles and situations. Whether I'm singing for live performances, recordings, auditions, or just for fun, Eric's voice lessons and his enjoyable, effective style of teaching have been invaluable to me." - Christin Black
"Singing well should feel as easy and as natural as speech" - Voice Teacher, Eric Bruner
Click below to see some performacne videos of singers Eric has worked with!
Darrin Love Amara Chhin The Cheetah Girls Matt Wilson LaShaun Chaney Paulina Cerilla Dante Briana James
Eric teaches the same vocal technique used by over 300 of the biggest stars in the recording and entertainment world over the past 3 decades.  They've won more than 120 "Grammys", “American Idol” winners, 7 "Tonys" and 4 Met Opera winners.

The singers he's worked with, in tern have worked with Celine Dion, Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, TLC, Hillary Duff, J.Lo, DMX, Prince, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul Simon, Harry Connick Jr., Paula Abdul, Larnelle Harris, and more.
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Voice Lessons in Houston, The Woodlands, and Spring, and near Sugar Land, Sugarland, and Katy. This is revolutionary voice training technique that leverages your singing and vocal abilities in any style of music.

Often this technique is used to rehabilitate vocal damage which can happen with bad teaching or, over time, vocal abuse. This voice training method will both improve your voice allowing you to sing comfortabley and with more range, without "cracking," "breaking," or weakening of your voice middle range.

This singing technique is a way of using your voice that allows you to sing freely and clearly with maximum power and clarity.

The exercises used strengthen the vocal folds (cords) and other  muscles directly responsible for allowing the breath support to happen naturally. This approach teaches singers to sing in the same easy voice you use when you speak with the larynx holding a relaxed position, no matter how high or low you sing.

All ages, all levels, all styles